1.) Why is the website info on the top and bottom of the page?

This is controlled by your web browser. Here are the instructions for turning it off, depending on the browser.

Firefox: Goto File-->Page Setup and click the Margins & Headers/footer tab. Set all fields on bottom to --blank--.

Internet Explorer: Go to the gear-->Print-->Page Setup. On the bottom set all fields to -Empty-.

Google Chrome: Press Control P which will bring up print preview. Make sure more settings is selected. Uncheck Headers and footers.

2.) Why do my photos appear sideways?

The website is optimized for 4x6 photos. While your photos may appear correctly in your OS, the website reads the properties of the image to determine how to position it. One work around is to rotate your image 90 degrees and then rotate it back 90 degrees and resave it. If that fails to resolve the issue, you can try editing in MS Paint. Best Practice is to take photos in Landscape mode.

3.) Why does the PDF take so long to create or web page to load?

Images take up a lot of space. The larger your images are, the longer they will take to process and in some cases, they will time out before completing. I recommend Image Resizer for Windows (http://imageresizer.codeplex.com/) where even the largest option of 1920 X 1080 is much smaller then what your camera rendered the photo at. This will also help your PDF file stay smaller as well.

4.) I have a custom flyer I wish to submit, how do I submit it?

Send an inquiry via the contact us page and somebody will contact you. Please keep in mind each flyer takes time to create, so ultimately it'll be up to management.